Letters from the Trenches (2012)

An account of the Bourne soldiers who wrote home to their loved ones from the Great War of 1914-18 and the subsequent peace celebrations

by Rex Needle

  Letters from the Trenches

The Great War produced a mass of correspondence between the troops at home and abroad and their families and friends but only a fraction of these letters have survived, often in dusty archives and attics, and some will never be read.

Yet it is from this huge volume of writing that we are able to judge for ourselves the horrors they faced, the risks they took, the arduous conditions under which they lived and the friendships forged.

This small selection was collected mainly by Joseph Davies, headmaster of the Bourne Boys’ School which the soldiers had attended and who took the trouble to keep in touch after they had left for the front. Yet from these few letters we are able to gauge the strength of feeling for home and country and, more importantly, a deep anger and bitterness against those responsible for the war.

The book is available as 3 PDF files: