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The definitive history of the town from the earliest times to the present day, with more than two million words of text and over 6,000 photographs, originally published on CD-ROM. It also contains 300 biographies and pen portraits of people connected with the town. This is the largest archive of historical material from Bourne ever produced.

Further information about A Portrait of Bourne

This is the final version of the web site, last updated in May 2016. Much of the material from earlier versions of the web site was removed and incorporated within A Portrait of Bourne (see above).


Provides an illustrated introduction to our history, giving the story of the town's development from the earliest times to the present day together with descriptions of the important buildings such as the Abbey Church and the Red Hall, and institutions and organisations that have survived the years. There are also descriptions of our historic buildings and the lives of prominent people who helped this town succeed.
A book about the men and women who helped shape the Bourne we know today, from the earliest times through to the present day. Many of those featured are known to us and many are not but all played their part in the life of this town in years gone by, from Hereward the Wake who flourished in the 12th century to one of our longest serving councillors, Marjorie Clark, who died in 2007.
A substantial work running to some 200 pages with 150 illustrations in colour and black and white, and deals with people, places, events, disasters and public services, as well as Bourne at war from the imperial conflicts of the Victorian age through to the two world wars of the last century.
An illustrated history of Bourne in dates and events, from the earliest times to the present day with pen portraits of many people who have played their part in the life of the town and a description of how Bourne looks today.
Children are often given school projects about the town past and present and although A Portrait of Bourne contains all they require, the mass of information can prove daunting without the supervision of a parent and so Rex wrote this book specifically for them although it contains so much information about our past that it will also appeal to the more mature reader.
A survey of the town's listed buildings, including photographs of all of the buildings that remain. It was originally compiled for the Golden Jubilee Exhibition at the Bourne Heritage Centre in June 2002 and a copy may be seen there.
This book remembers the sacrifice made by the young men of Bourne who went off to fight in the Great War of 1914-18, some never to return, through the letters they wrote home to their families and friends. There is also a vivid description of the subsequent peace celebrations and a history of the town’s war memorial erected in memory of the fallen in this and other wars.
Written by Rex and illustrated with a series of watercolours by the Rutland artist Alan Oliver. The result is this beautiful volume of almost 100 pages in full colour and printed on art paper to ensure that the paintings are shown to their full effect.


This is the CD-ROM version of the book (see above).
This is the CD-ROM version of the book (see above).

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